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How to Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever wanted something so much but then withdrew from reaching towards it because you feel unqualified for it? You pass judgments on yourself that keep you from trying at all. You feel safer with having to stay within your own scrutiny alone. As a result, you never venture out. You limit yourself. Sadly, you limit your potential too. Many of us have been there.

We allow beliefs that we have imposed on ourselves to stop us from moving towards the things that we truly want. We do not reach for our spirituality. We do not live within the dictates of our mind. We live below our true potential.
You can break out of your self-limiting belief system. You only need to know how.

Here is how to drop the limits and reach for your dreams.

Breaking Free From Beliefs That Stop You From Reaching Your Mind, Your Spirituality and Your Personal Development Goals

The easiest way to break out of patterns that we do not like today is to empower ourselves with enough knowledge to help us create newer healthier patterns. We have to actively work towards our personal development and towards enhancing our mind and our spirituality. Knowledge is no longer hard to get. It is available to us in tremendous dimensions.

Life-long learning is no longer optional with technology so rapidly advancing and new information always at your fingertips.

Jim Kwik, Author of Mindvalley’s
Superbrain Quest

If you want to let go of the beliefs that hold you back and move towards your dreams, your spirituality and your personal development goals, you will need to perform these activities.

  1. Identify Your Self Limiting Beliefs

In order for you to deal with something you do not like, you must first know what it is. Take a paper and pen and list all the ways you think about yourself that are likely to be harming you. In what ways has your mind been working against you? It is that same mind that will point you towards it. Exercise your mind a little to find out what you need to change. Write these things down.

  1. Convince Yourself That They Are Only Manifestations of Fear

Those negative thoughts you have about yourself are merely defense mechanisms that you have developed to shield you from unwanted scrutiny. You are afraid of exposing yourself to the judgment of others. This could be because of failures you have encountered in the past. But then you end up judging yourself. When you key into your spirituality, you will see more clearly that the thoughts that hold you back are only manifestations of fear.

  1. Identify An Experience That Proves Your Beliefs Are Wrong

There must be a time in your life when your beliefs of not being good enough were just not true. Think a little deeper and try to figure out such times. Convince yourself that this is still true for you today. Evaluating our lives is a big step in our personal development efforts.

  1. Create Positive Affirmations

Creating affirmations can be the game changer for many of us. Write down your beliefs about yourself. Say it out loud. Paste it on your bedroom wall. Restate it several times in your day especially during your waking hours. Tell yourself, “I am totally worth it,” “I can be everything I want to be and much more”. More than anything, letting yourself know that your former beliefs were not true can move you several steps forward.

Advancement in technology has flooded us from people who have locked into their mind power and who have broken out of their self-limiting beliefs. All it takes today to achieve great things is your ability to imagine it. You must constantly do this. You have no reason not to.

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