About Me


I grew up in an environment where taking initiative was key even though not everyone actually took it. While going through school, I realized that I loved extracurricular activities more than I loved school work itself. And. I really loved school work.

What stood out for me in the activities that I was exposed to was writing and journalism. I loved to argue and to resolve conflicts between my cousins and my sibling, so I went on to be a lawyer. Indeed, law was meant for me too because I continued to exhibit this conflict resolution trait with my roommates, coworkers and friends.

But. I could not stop writing. It gave me a wave of joy that I could not explain. Although I eventually did not take the journalism route, despite trying so hard and walking up to a local reporting agency to get a job there with my law degree, I kept writing. Mainly because I could do that anywhere and at anytime.

Unlike most multi-talented people who would not be invested in one of their bequeaths, I love writing, journalism and law. I have found a way to combine them. I have realized that for me, going through life and enjoying it is about exploring new things instead of sticking to one alone. This is where my life is headed.

Over the years, writing has given me a sense of expression that is so strong and authentic. I have experienced what it means to be passionate and to really love something, first while writing for myself and later by writing for others. To be able to walk with someone through their maze of ideas and to bring their stories and their ideas to life is plain ecstatic. I live in this ecstasy every day.


Connect with me if you have a creative project. I collaborate on all projects that need to be well crafted with words. Words are magical. Your writing project becomes magical when it has the right words in it.

Reach out to me to put some magic into your book, website content and copywriting projects. I am always available on hello@prudenceonaah.com.

You can also read me on this site. I hope you get inspired to tell your story.

Love Prudee